What is the Boyne Cup?

The Boyne Cup is a 2-day annual boys football invitational taking place at Gormanston Park near Drogheda. The 2019 tournament takes place over the weekend of June 21st-23rd, and is for the U-12 age group (born 2007 or after).

Teams are invited to the resort for 2 days to compete in 2 competitions:

  1. The Boyne Cup: Saturday competition between the invited teams, with a secondary Plate competition
  2. The Champions League: Sunday competition in which players are mixed and new teams are formed and named after the major clubs of Europe (e.g. Bayern, Real, Juventus etc). New, specially designed kits will be provided to the players for this purposes of this tournament, which are the players’ to keep.

Players will require FAI / IFA age cards or government issued ID at check in.

What is different about the Boyne Cup?

High standard of football combined with opportunity to get to know players from different teams

Meals provided, as well as accommodation for teams travelling from further afield

Extra-curricular activities outside of football

More Information

The Matches

Matches for The Boyne Cup between the invited teams will run on Saturday, with Champions League matches running on Sunday. The Champions League teams will be formed on the Saturday evening after the The Boyne Cup trophy presentation.

How many players?

Games are 9-a-side with no limit on substitutions. Max squad size is 14.

How long are the games?

Group stage games are 20 minutes (10 minutes a half) and knockout stage games are 30 minutes (15 minutes a half)

Is there offside?

Yes, we will be running the offside rule in 2019. While volunteers may be asked to assist with linesman duties, the referee has the final say

What size are the pitches?

80 x 50 (yards)

What size are the goals?

16 x 9 (feet)

Who will be in the Champions League teams?

The teams are randomly formed by taking 1-2 players from each club.

Who manages the Champions League teams?

The coaches from the invited teams are mixed and get a Champions League team each.

Is there a chance we might have to wear a Liverpool or Man Utd jersey!?

No, don’t worry. We realise that rivalries and allegiances to teams in the English & Scottish Leagues run deep, so only clubs in mainland Europe will be used.

What do we need to know as boarders?

Boarding teams should arrive on Friday evening by 8pm for registration and evening meal. Mixed size bunk bed accommodation is provided for players and smaller 2-4 bed ensuite rooms for coaches. 11pm-7am are quiet hour in the facility, during which no shouting, playing of music or running in the corridors is allowed.

Can we attend just by day?

Yes. Teams from the locale are welcome to attend as day teams, arriving on Saturday and Sunday morning.

How much does it cost to board?

The cost of the the tournament for boarders is €140 / £125 per player for 14 players, which includes accommodation, 3 meals per day, tournament entry and custom made kits to keep. Each team can bring up to 2 coaches free of charge. Transport to and from the resort must be arranged separately by each team.

Can parents and helpers attend?

We very much welcome parents and helpers to the tournament. The cost is €130 / £115 for the 2 nights bed & board. Alternatively, attendees may arrange their own hotel or B&B in the locale and purchase meals and snacks separately at the venue if they wish.

What is the cost for day teams?

Day teams are €60 per player which includes tournament entry, 2 meals per day and custom made kits to keep.

Where can I learn more about Gormanston Park?

Further details on the accommodation may be found here.

How do we sign up?

Email info@boynecup.com if you would like to declare an interest in the tournament or if you have any additional questions.